What is Summer Beach Project?

Summer Beach Project (SBP) is an investment of 8 weeks that will pay dividends throughout the remainder of your life! You will grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ by learning more about studying the Bible, praying, building relationships with other college students, working a full-time job, sharing your faith and attending a local church.

When will it be?

May 29th - July 24th


The deadline to apply for SBP 2019 is April 15th, 2019.


There are three projects divided by campuses:

SBP Area 1 (Berry College, Miles College, Troy University, University of Alabama, University of South Alabama, Others)

SBP Area 2 (Samford University, University of Alabama, University of West Georgia)

Where will it be located?

SBP Area 1 - TBD

SBP Area 2- TBD

If I am attending, what should I bring?

Click here for some additional information on what to pack for SBP 2019


SBP Area 1 - TBD

SBP Area 2-  TBD

What is set up to aid the students in their personal spiritual growth?

Students will work full-time jobs while participating weekly in project-wide rallies, evangelistic outreaches, corporate worship, socials, and discipleship groups.

Why work full-time jobs?

Jobs provide an opportunity for students to develop evangelistic relationships with their co-workers as well as take responsibility for their own finances. Every year, the opportunities for ministry with co-workers have had a lasting influence on their lives.

How will students find jobs?

Campus Outreach has developed a reputation with employers in Panama City Beach for our consistent and quality work. Every year, businesses all around Panama City Beach hold jobs open for our students. Most employers are already aware of our policies and are eager to hire the enthusiastic and hard-working employees. Students will apply for jobs within the first few days of SBP.

How will follow-up take place?

We have established good relationships with many churches around the area and are making every attempt to help those we have built relationships with to get plugged into those churches. Students are encouraged to continue their contact with them through e-mails or phone calls after SBP is over.

How are students active in the local church?

Students will be required to attend a local church during the project. These churches provide SBP students and others with a place for worship, fellowship and teaching from the Bible. It also provides students an opportunity to use their various gifts to serve the local church.

Why is a summer long program beneficial to students?

On its own, short-term mission programs like SBP will not have the fullest impact on the students’ lives. The intensity of the SBP training program will serve to instill character and leadership qualities as well as equip them to walk with God for a lifetime.

What of the threat of hurricanes?

Campus Outreach staff members keep a careful watch of the developing weather that could affect Panama City Beach. Procedures have been established to ensure that students are in a safe location in the event of a threat.

Where exactly will the outreach activities occur?

Ministry will take place mostly at the workplace where the students will be daily. There will also be evangelistic outreaches made on beaches and popular areas throughout the city. Most of the hotels that students will be staying at will have a meeting facility on site for weekly rallies and training sessions. For the projects whose hotels do not provide meeting space, students will meet at their local church. 

If you have any further questions please contact:

Campus Outreach Birmingham Office: 

Kevin Wilkie (COB Operations Director):