Thank you for taking the time to find out more information about Summer Beach Project (SBP)! Campus Outreach is an interdenominational student ministry committed to helping your son or daughter become a Christ-like leader. As an organization, we have been ministering to college students in the United States and overseas for the past 40 years. 

Our desire is to help them learn how to live for Christ and make a difference for Christ in the world. At SBP, your son or daughter will attend weekly trainings where they will learn how to study Scripture, develop a daily walk with Christ, and share their faith with others. You can learn more about the beliefs and vision of Campus Outreach by visiting our website. Also, feel free to contact me with any questions. I serve at the University of Alabama. If you are ever in the Tuscaloosa area, I would love to connect with you. 

- Jeff Bolger, SBP 2 Director


Thank you for your interest in Campus Outreach's Summer Beach Project program (SBP). Campus Outreach is an interdenominational ministry spanning all over the globe with a 40-year legacy of developing college students. SBP has been an integral part of that legacy. Serving as one of the directors for SBP this year is a humbling privilege. 

SBP is designed to enhance your son or daughter's character, leadership, and spiritual life. Students will be exposed to the truth of God's Word through weekly meetings, bible studies, mentoring, workshops, and training sessions. It's my sincere hope that the short-term investment of a summer in SBP would benefit students in life-long ways.

- Micah Evans, SBP 1 Director


As a parent of a college student, there are many things that our staff know are on your mind when it comes to considering letting your child attend Summer Beach Project. From being away from your families to having to sacrifice good things they might be giving up such as summer classes, internships, or a another job. With these in mind, we aim to create a great option to meet your desires as a parent for your child financially, developmentally, and relationally. 

In the middle of the summer, we have created a parents weekend that is programed and tailored to welcome all parents and family to the project. You are always welcome to visit your child in Panama City Beach, but we will have special programming and time for you to connect with your child all weekend. Details and location for Saturday's parent program will be provided to your child one week prior to the event. 

Parents Weekend this summer will be: June 14-16

Your child be communicated further information about the schedule of events closer to this weekend. 

Please visit the FAQ Page for more answers to your questions.


Our daughter grew so much in her faith and in serving others at Beach Project. Seeing God use her for his glory was a blessing! She met people there who she impacted for Christ, but who also impacted her life, as well.  A value cannot be placed on the relationships made and deepened at Beach Project.

Wendy Mason

Our kids are grown and gone. Now we reflect on what we did right, what we did wrong and what we would do differently. Without question, supporting and encouraging them to go to Beach Project was the most significant experience of their lives for a multitude of reasons!

Lt. Col. Kurt Stinemetz, USMC